PPR Challenge #8 – Kat’s Design

This week on Project Runway, the designers were taken to the UN where they were given their choice of six flags to use as their design inspiration. Their designs needed to incorporate the colors of the flag as well as harken to the culture of its country. At the same time, they were not to do a national costume. It’s a tricky line to walk as was seen by some of the awful designs that were sent done the runway, in my opinion anyway. Let’s see if I can do any better…
PPR Challenge #8 - O! Say, Can You Sew?
I chose the country of Papua New Guinea. I was attracted to the black and red combination, a favorite of mine. Then I did some research into the culture and was very interested in the face painting done by their tribes. It had the colors of the flag and I loved the graphic quality to it.
PPR Challenge #8 - O! Say, Can You Sew?
It was that bright, graphic look I went for with my design. I think this dress really shows my inspiration well, but also has the clean, crisp style that is my point of view.
PPR Challenge #8 - O! Say, Can You Sew?
I put a lot of work into getting this dress to fit just so. I knew a simple design like this was all about the fit and the details. So, I took the time to fit both a paper and fabric pattern to my model before cutting the final dress. I’m so glad I did because I love everything about it from the cap sleeves to the bold yellow lines. Though sewing something this size with gaberdine was a pain with all the fraying, fray stop is my BFF.

I had a hard time picking accessories as usual. I wanted black knee-high boots, but there are none on the wall. In the end, I chose these color blocked shoes even though they are a little matchy-matchy. I went for bold, modern jewelry pieces in black, gold and silver.

I think the judges would be impressed with how I interpreted the flag and culture of Papua New Guinea. The quality of construction should also win me points. The simplicity of the dress might bring me down in the standings a little, but I look at how basic Mondo’s winning look was and think I’d have to do well.

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    • Katherine
    • Yours does remind me a bit of Mila’s, with the color blocking and graphic elements, but you got right what she got wrong. And, you know, yours is not a Jekyll-and-Hyde lopsided dress. 🙂

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