PPR All Stars Finale- House of Cornish

Here at the Design House of Cornish, we had a really good time this season, with the all stars. (So pleased that we had a spot in the competition. The interview process to get on the show in the first place is grueling. So I was glad to be included with such an amazing group of designers.)

We are showing a 3 look collection.I went very old-school-run-way-show, and offer you a bathing suit, an office look, and a real show stopper.

First, the suit. Most runway bathing suits are “vulgar”. And could NOT be worn by any women. I’m afraid this is a response to that, and maybe not fashion forward.
Swimwear: front
But man, functional. This is a suit that lots of women could buy and wear.
swimwear: back
Next, I worked a shawl collar out on a blouse. I love the sheer fabric.
Shawl collar
And a pair of wide leg slacks.
pants and blouse
These slacks are American ready to wear at their best. The pants do not need to be dry cleaned, so they are functional, and green, and economical, AND flattering. Wow. The blouse is well cut. (am I channeling Micheal, and bragging prematurely about my impeccable cutting and finishing? )
day look, side
But it is a little sheer. Perfect for Spring. And it could be worn by anyone with a cami underneath.


Lastly a “show stopping look”.
opera dress
This girl is going to the opera, opening night in San Francisco.  A full length cape with a convertible hood for drama and warmth.
purple velvet
And a full length royal purple gown. (This look is the one that is made from fabric used in another challenge. The velvet was in my jacket that I cut for the Broadway God Spell look)
velvet gown
Swoon. Even at a Barbie scale, it is SO fun to sew with fabric this rich and lovely.

The head designer, and the “mentor” and the stylist here at the House of Cornish had a wonderful time this season. Lot’s of pretty gown challenges, and less “make a look out of gum wrappers and $2.00 for trim at the grocery store”.

Darlings! Have a great off-season! Sketch! And I will look forward to seeing you in the work room with our old friends Tim, Heidi, Nina, and Micheal.

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    • DrRuss
    • But Susi,
      Could she wear a bra with your second look?;) I always wish that someone would make a wedding dress for their last look. Traditional shows always ended with a wedding gown. My hat is off to all of the designers this year. Best wishes–(Dr)Russ

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