Iron Craft Challenge #6 – Peeps!

When we asked people what challenges from last year they would like to see again the Peeps challenge was the #1 response. So by popular demand here it is….

Create something using Peeps, that looks like a Peep or is somehow Peep themed.

The challenge is inspired by the Washington Post Peeps contest. Here is a link to last year’s winners.  Their contest calls for more diorama entries. Our contest is open to art of different types. Here is how we did last year.
princess and the peep

(Princess and the Peep by Valpowery)

I really wanted to enlist a dozen of my closest friends, and work for 4-6 weeks on an elaborate diorama, and then submit it to the actual Washington Post Contest. But the fine print says that you must be in the Washington area to join their contest. They want the finalists to be couriered to the newspaper for in person judging. So, since we can’t “go to the mountain”, maybe we can do the next best thing. We will host our OWN contest!!!!
Peep Art

(Peep Art by Midwest Lotus)

Put on your thinking caps. Go collect all manner of Bunnies and Chicks. Lets get started.
peep kong

(Our own Thing 1 won last year’s Flickr Peeps Off contest with his Peep Kong photo)

Here is how the contest will work…

  1. Create something using Peeps; a diorama, decoration, fun photo OR create something that looks like a Peep, a pillow, doll, cartoon …
  2. Post your project in the Iron Craft Flickr group between Tuesday, March 27th and Thursday, March 29th.
  3. Judging will take place over that following weekend and we will announce the winner on Monday, April 2nd.

Our judge is an actual crafting professional. Liana Allday is an editor at Stuart Tabori and Chang, publishers. She is a crafty girl, with a well exercised sense of whimsy. Wanna know more?  She has a blog, Knit Yourself Pretty, she’s on Etsy, and she writes professionally as well. Man, doesn’t she look like fun to hang out with? You know what? She is. She is a friend of mine, so I will exclude myself from the challenge. : )

Is there a prize you ask? Why yes there is. The winner will receive this lovely Peeps craft box full of paints, pastels, crayons, paper and a paintbrush.
It was the craftiest thing I could find at the Peeps store (Yes, the Mall of America has a whole store that only sells Peeps brand items!).

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10 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #6 – Peeps!
    • DrRuss
    • Big dread. I had the hardest time last year trying to come up with something. Plus, I can’t even stand to touch those things–their texture really grosses me out–LOL. But I am sure that I shall survive (to quote Gloria Gaynor).

      • Kat
      • Dr. Russ – Keep in mind you don’t have to use actual Peeps, you can make something like looks like a Peep or has a Peep represented on it.

    • Seanna Lea
    • Awesome. I missed the last challenge, because I forgot to double check for the posting date (I thought I had another week to go back to the super scary dollar store in my area).

      • Kat
      • Yup, this was the most asked for repeat challenge & who are we to say no. Now Silvia, I’m betting you and your boys could do a great diorama together!

    • Naomi
    • I do actually like peeps…but I am trying to eat better 🙁 I am also in the Washington area….. but am also having problems focusing….especially because I’m really focused on my garden instead at the moment. I promise I will do better when everything is in the ground and I am waiting for the major harvest!

    • Lolly
    • “Create something using Peeps, that looks like a Peep or is somehow Peep themed.”

      Terrific! We do not have to go out and buy these things this time. I remember last year we had to use real Peeps in our work. This year gives us a lot more freedom. YAY!

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