Weekend Eye Candy

I was looking at different people’s craft rooms on line. Just for fun.
Here is Claire Croft’s room
Craft Room
My hat is off. That is a beautiful stash, and it is not hiding. I would love to see the titles in her library (on the bottom shelf there).

Hilary Lang showed us her craft room shelves
craft room built ins
And blogged about it here.

And this brings me to my main thought/question.
Is the ideal craft room a clean, clear white space? Literally, a blank canvas? Or should it show case your inspirations?

Or, should it showcase your supplies, so that you have a full understanding of what you have? And let the colors and textures inspire you?

Here is a stunning studio done in deep turquoise.
studio shots
Go and see the whole set. That is a beautiful creative space.
By contrast, here is a “white” space.
This is Lotta Jansdotter’s Studio in Brooklyn.

This photo is from Shelter Pop, and they did a really nice interview with Lotta. You can see the whole thing here.

Before I turn green, I will remind myself that Lotta is, in fact, a professional.

What about you? What does your space look like? Have you appropriated a corner of the guest room? Do you have your own space out back? Or do you cut your fabric on the dining room table?
Where ever you craft, have a happy weekend!

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3 Comments to Weekend Eye Candy
    • Katherine
    • I have a shelf in the corner of the living room, and some stacked drawers farther along the wall (our reading chair is in between by a window). I do most of my crafting on the couch/coffee table, or the dining room table, but I someday dream of having my own craft space.

    • Lynda
    • I love seeing other crafting/art areas. I have a spare bedroom – approximately 15 x15 with lots of windows on the two outside walls. I love all the windows but I end up not having any wall space. I am again in the reorganizing process – 4th time in 5 years – and I think this will be it!! Thanks for sharing.

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