PPR Challenge #7 – Kat’s Design

This week for Project Project Runway we were to design a costume for the musical Godspell. The character we were designing for is a rich woman who wants everyone to know how rich she is. The look had to be made of separates. I had a little extra challenge this week thanks to tendonitis and a new fashion accessory. (I’m even typing this post one-handed.)
My new fashion accessory
Now on to my look.
PPR Challenge #7 - Puttin' On The Glitz
I was going for a golden “material girl” look with my design. I wanted her to look like she was dripping in gold.
PPR Challenge #7 - Puttin' On The Glitz
I also tried to think about the fact this was an outfit someone would have to not only wear on stage but also be able to dance in (something I think they rather ignored on the show). I made a full skirt that has a layer of tulle for extra volume. Underneath the skirt I added black leggings, for a little modesty. The gold necklaces are actually attached to the top, so they become a collar to hold it up. This also means they necklaces have movement, but can’t fly all over the place. If I was doing this life-size (or had two hands) I would have all the chains clasp together in the back with a big showy pin. The fur stole I just added for a little more richness. I kept my accessories in the black & gold family with details that complimented mt fabrics.

This is not mt favorite outfit I’ve designed this season, but I think I did a good job of meeting the challenge and tried to really thing costume design not just fashion design.

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    • Psychgrad
    • The wrist looks familiar. R had his hand in his rollerblade wrist guards because of tendonitis this week. Get well soon and if you’re anything like R, milk it for all it’s worth.

      I was in Godspell in high school. Good times. Our costumes had a hippy vibe, if I remember correctly.

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