PPR Challenge #5 – House of Cornish

This week we were to find a stranger, and take the clothes off his back. To make sure we had enough to work with, we were supposed to repeat the process several times. Then, one of these donors was supposed to inspire us enough to be the muse.The designers made some missteps this week. And Anthony was sent home on technicalities really. (because, let’s be clear, his outfit was great.)

I really struggled with this challenge. Our play-at-home rules were to cut up our own clothing, or cut up a doll outfit. I just could not find something to use and had a HARD time getting started. Then, I found my inspiration, went completely off the ranch, and I admit, I interpreted the rules with a little bit more latitude.
Vintage doily

I found an old doily that was vintage, and stained, and I decided to make this a ‘try what they tried’ challenge.
1. I am struggling a little bit on the home front, and could not go spend ‘time in Central Park’ or look for muses.
2. I felt a little better going ‘green’ on this one, and not buying new stuff.
3. I really like the idea of taking a show and just trying a ‘redo’ of one of the designer’s looks.
So: my muse is the woman that Michael said was his muse. The one with the amazing crochet top on. Before he switched and did the knit jump suit/ swim suit thing.

I found the doily and tried to bleach it and clean it first. That didn’t work very well. Then, I pulled an “April”, and decided to dye it! I used passion tea, and it worked like a dream. I might try this on a t-shirt later.
Tea Dying

doily dress
I wanted the star part of the dress to come out from the waist, to give her a flattering shape around the middle.
The side worked well
The edges were somewhat problematic, but you can ‘see’ where this was going. And if I had more time, I could do more careful sewing and tapering.
skirt detail
I left the skirt full. It gives it almost a 50’s feel on the bottom, and a summer feel on the top.
So if the judges don’t kick me out for not following the rules this week…then I think I will be safe.
(I think it’s ironic that I tried to re-do an outfit by one contestant. And in the end, the contestant that I may be emulating is the one that got ‘auffed’.) But I had fun. “It was a great experience.”

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