PPR Challenge #4 – Kat’s Design

This week’s Project Project Runway challenge really had two layers. On the surface the challenge seems to be about making a tasteful dress inspired by the color and flavor of gelato. But really it was about the time limit. On the show they had 6 hours to create their design (the shortest time ever on Project Runway), for Project Project Runway we were limited to 60 minutes.
PPR Challenge #4 - Good Taste Tastes Good
My gelato flavor was Madagascar Vanilla, a rich creamy white that I thought would be beautiful with Jade’s skin tone. I found a crepe with a little shimmer to it that I thought was spot on. I also picked up pearl trim in the same color.

The fabric to me really called for a simple, clean dress which I thought fit well with the challenge of creating a tasteful dress. My dress is a pretty straightforward strapless dress, but a few details make it a little more special. The bodice is shaped by folded, not sewn, darts which give it a little dimension. Also the bodice does not go all the way around leaving the top of dress basically backless. The strand of pearls creates a diagonal strap and a little big of build in jewelry.
PPR Challenge #4 - Good Taste Tastes Good
I had a really hard time with the time limit this week. I struggled with getting the bodice of the dress just right and sewn into the skirt. This left me with no time to finish my back and I ended up just cutting it off and leaving a raw edge (oh, and my cutting got really out of hand there). I’m almost embarrassed to even show it to you.

For accessories, I went with shoes and a cuff in warm bronze and rose gold colors. I didn’t want to add too much color and get away from my gelato inspiration, but I also wanted a little pop. These pieces have a warmth that I think goes well with the creamy white.

So, what would the judges think? Well, not finishing would hurt me I’m sure. I can only hope that the judges would look past that because they liked the idea of the dress better than some of the others that walked the runway. Let’s face it there was some ugly that walked down the runway last week (in my mind even some of the ones the judges liked best.)

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    • Elle
    • Oh yes, there was some ugly, wasn’t there? But this is very pretty! I love the little shimmer there. And let’s face it, if you were in the workroom, no one would have cared if you used a glue gun. 😉 Can you believe all the use of glue guns lately?

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