PPR Challenge #4 – House Of Cornish

The challenge was to create an outfit inspired by a color (and flavor) of gelato. The designers were given an outrageously short window of time to complete their look. They even shopped from a limited selection of fabrics that had been preselected, and organized into a room for them to pick from, called “Mini Mood”.

For my ‘at home’ interpretation of this challenge, I decided to work solely from my stash that I have already. In this way, I was being true to the challenge by ‘not visiting Mood’. I wanted to work with the same colors the designers were given. But because my stash was not hand picked, and organized around a gelato pallet, I gave myself the latitude to work from any of the flavor choices that were offered in the original show.
Mini Mood
The one that I had on hand that I felt most closely fit the challenge was Milk and Sour Cherries.
My fabric was chiffon, similar to Mila’s, so I worked hard to create a look that was very different from hers.
front vanilla cherry dress
I spent 34 minutes sewing the look. !!!  That is an all time record for me. The main factor in the speed was that I completed the first look that I tried. And more often than not, just like the contestants on the show, I start one look, and if it does not work out, I change and go in another direction (depending on what “Tim Gunn” says).

The dress has beautiful draping over one shoulder, and pleats at the waist.

The silk chord around the middle adds a shiny contrast to the matte fabric color.
top detail
There is an underskirt of white, to help show the fabric at it’s best. It is a classy look, sheer, without being vulgar.
front, silk chord
The surprise is in the back. The drape is asymmetrical, and the back is mostly bare.
Back view

I have to say, I am pleased with the look. I think it fits the creamy challenge. And it could be worn to an “industry event”. (That always makes me laugh. To which industry are they referring? Or do they mean an event in a factory?)
For my loyal following, you will notice there is no fascinator hat. I felt like there would not have been time for the contestants. So I left it off as well. Although, truth be told, I was tempted to put a ‘cherry on the top’.
I feel like I made it through, and maybe I was even top three.

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    • Ros
    • That’s stunning! I am in awe of you for doing this in 34 minutes. And the fabric choice is just perfect. Brilliant job all round.

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