PPR Challenge #1 – Kat’s Design

Challenge – Fashion Cents
Challenge – Create a look using items from the 99 Cent Store.

There was a bit of struggle in the workroom this week, but in the end I was really happy with how my design looked on the runway. I mean look what I started with…
PPR Challenge #1 Supplies
A laundry bag and a bunch of hairbands. As I mentioned in my workroom post, the laundry bag seemed like a bit of a cheat with all that black fabric. But let me tell you, a $1 laundry bag is basically made of tissue paper, it’s shear and rips rather easily. Try to backstitch it with your sewing machine and it’ll cut right through. Still, it was the best thing I had since I decided I wanted a black top to my dress.
PPR Challenge #1 - Fashion Cents
Anyway, on to my dress. It’s a sexy little number with a daring v neckline in the front that is mirrored by a matching one in the back. The real showstopper of the dress though is the wrapped metallic skirt which was made from a headband. The metallic silver circles gives it a little bit of hard, almost studded edge. It’s a little bit revealing, but not too much. I could see Rooney Mara wearing this on her Girl with the Dragon Tattoo rounds, it totally has that “Yeah, I just played Lisbeth Salander vibe” or that robot girl/Blade Runner looks she sports a lot.
PPR Challenge #1 - Fashion Cents
As for accessories, I made an asymmetrical necklace to match the skirt. It might seem a little matchy-matchy, but I like the look of the bigger statement necklace with this dress and neckline. I had a hard time picking a pair of shoes from the Neiman Marcas accessory wall. I didn’t want to go metallic with the metal already in the outfit. I thought perhaps an animal print. But in the end, I decided the dress had enough umpf on its own and a black platform pump would be just enough.

I haven’t gotten a real vibe on the new judges yet, but I think they would like this. It’s sexy without being gauche and doesn’t look like it was made with weird dollar store stuff. I would hope they would notice that the skirt is sewed together and not glued like so many of the other designers resort too.

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    • Manisha
    • Wow! Yah, I’d say it was sexy. I also think this outfit works good on this model. I don’t think the blonde one could have pulled off such a slinky outfit. Great job!

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