Doll “blanket” project

When we were in London, Jambi started playing with a tiny doll quilt that went in her cousin’s tiny doll pram. Once she got her hands on it, she did not let it go. I mean, for DAYS, she carried this thing around. It did not have to do with the doll, or the pram, it was just a prize thing in and of itself. And then, it went missing. We had it for a few days with us, and then returned it (quietly), and it vaporized after that, never to be found.

Since we have been home, I asked Aunt and Uncle if the blanket had shown up, and it is still gone. So I set out to make a replacement.
Doll Quilt
While I was at it, I made two, so we could keep one. I have quilted before, but this was such a simple little thing, I thought I could just slap one together. Ha. There really is a reason for all the technique talk! This was  a GREAT exercise for the beginner quilter.

The first one, I was not as careful as I could have been. I sewed a pocket, and stuffed the batting into it, then sewed the last seam up. Then I quilted the squares, and sewed on the eyelet trim. While the lines are ‘straight’ on one side, the gingham is SO unforgiving, and the backing slid around during the quilting.
Corner embroidery
For the second one, I actually cut the batting smaller, did a LOT of basting. I sewed the batting into the pocket, then turned the whole thing inside out. then I did MORE basting, and then quilted. There was much less slipping for that one. So THAT is the one that is going to be mailed off. : )

I added a some embroidery on the second one, and that was just the touch to make it a little bit more special.
personalized doll quilt
Let me say, in the past I have scoffed at “doll quilts”. I thought they were samplers, with no real purpose. But now, I have been shown the love for the doll quilt. I will definitely be making more for the receptive audience in the house. If there is a 2-3 year old baby girl in your life, I cannot recommend this little piece of love strongly enough.

I will now make up a song about the mini quilt. Check YouTube later.

Happy Crafting!

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2 Comments to Doll “blanket” project
    • Lori
    • Amen. My girls go crazy for blankets. Even little piece of fabric. I sewed my daughter an 8 x 8 piece of fabric, two pieces together- then I sewed a great big heart on it that said I love you in it. She loves that thing. It has earned a spot in the stand by her bed. Two scrap pieces of fabric have never felt more loved.

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