Quilt of the Day: Trees, At the Sonoma County Fair

Recently, we went to the Sonoma County Fair. We had a great time. My Mother and I took turns distracting the kids, so we could run off to the Quilt and Home arts exhibit hall.
That is where I found this gem.
Judy Kubilus, Trees #3
And our friend Judy took home a blue ribbon
As well she should, in my humble opinion. This quilt was a site to behold from ANY distance.
This is my first encounter with “confetti quilting”, and I was so intrigued!
I looked around and found this artist, Gail Hunt. She made this great tutorial. Oh man, can I tell you, I just want to take my rotary cutter out and GO TO TOWN!!!!
The fact that you use “scraps” just has a “hoarder warning” plastered ALL over it. There is now, officially NOTHING too small to save. Heaven help us!!
Look at some of the details of this quilt close up:


My rotary cutter is shivering in the corner. (I believe, actually, it is packed and not available.)
Sonoma is so glamorous. I have trouble remembering that it is really farm country. It’s rural, and with that, all the pleasures of a real, authentic COUNTY fair. Ahhhh. That is a whole different post.

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    • Gin
    • I love the helter-skelterness of this technique! I have not one, but two rotary cutters, and there’s an entire bin of scraps that I knew would be used someday.

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