Iron Craft Challenge Ideas?

As we get ready for our first Iron Craft challenge of 2012, we’d love to get your input. Do you have a great idea for a challenge? Was there a challenge from this year you’d like to see again? Was there a challenge you really disliked?
Please leave is a comment and let us know what you think.


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15 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge Ideas?
    • Jenny
    • I liked the wide range of challenges. I preferred challenges that were on a specific theme (like lucky, animals) than challenges with a specific item (make a wreath, use peeps) because I felt like my creativity could roam a bit more. But they were all pretty fun.

      • Kat
      • Jenny – Yeah, I’ve been asking the crafters I know personally if they prefer the more general or specific challenges. I think a mix is pretty fun too.

    • Naomi
    • I’m starting Iron Craft this year. I’m curious why there was some difficulty with the idea of altering a book? Maybe you need to find a really worthless one on its last legs and not useful for regular book use? I’m sure you could find and old paperback copy of the Adkins diet in a free bin at a yard sale! That can’t have too much ‘literature integrity’! Personally I have been making an effort to use packaging in new ways. I have been reusing onion mesh bags, little cardboard ‘tins’ that nuts came in and cereal boxes for things. So much of that stuff gets thrown away…or even when it is recycled and people buy something similar (hypothetically) for a crafting project. I’d like to see a challenge where something like that is used. Thanks.

      • Kat
      • Naomi – I think a lot of people did have an issue with cutting up a book though I did what you mentioned & found an old cheap one. We did do a recycling/green challenge this year and I’m betting you’ll see one again this coming year. Thanks for the input.

    • val
    • how about Amy Butler’s lounge pants (or ANY lounge pants) or even socks….something to keep our feet or legs warm this winter?

      I had NO problems with the book…mine turned out great and I used it all Fall.
      also..what about a challenge to use old cereal boxes up?

    • Seanna Lea
    • I didn’t have time to do nearly as many of the challenges as I wanted, so I think it would be awesome if for 2012 you put a time limit on it much like you do for your Project Runway challenges.

      • Kat
      • Seanna – That might be tricky as everyone does such different types of projects for each challenge unlike PPR where the project is pretty set. Hopefully the added week for each challenge will help you out though.

    • rebecca- nrb378
    • Here’s some ideas for you. Lots of rest and coffee, so the creativity is flowing today! I love seeing how others interpret the challenge.

      Open ended ideas – something abstract, something light, something organizational, use of technology, something heavy, something for daytime, something for nighttime

      Or crafting with given material – grommets and/or eyelets, stitching(crafting) in unexpected places, use cardboard, something monochromatic, a calendar or countdown calendar, a furniture item, use of office supplies, and my favorite – use plastic canvas somehow!

    • Amber
    • Could do material themes like paint or paper. Or a theme like car, they could make something for the car or using car fabric, etc. A food theme they could make a dish, use food to craft or make something with food fabric or craft fake food, etc. You could tie in the “Iron” part of Iron Craft and have a metal round. Could be floral wire, coat hanger, silverware, etc. Make something using metal in some way. One that could be interesting and could get more involved is quilt squares. Everyone makes a square that is x by x and they decorate it as they want. Different colors, different shapes or even just tie dye or use fabric markers on it. Then if you wanted to get more involved could invite those that want to, to mail it to you (or a trusted volunteer with time) to finish it and put everything together, then share the picture with everyone.

    • amanda
    • I like the idea of materials challenges. I also liked challenges that were timed with holidays – i.e. make a wreath at xmas. I was more likely to complete those challenges because I had already planned to make those things. Also how about a “crafting for a cause” theme? i.e. hats for chemo patients, blankets and toys for foster kids. I’d be happy to round up a list of links for charities accepting handmade items for their clients.

      I hope to be more involved this year! Allowing 2 weeks per challenge should help.

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