Project Runway Party

The finale of Project Runway will air on Thursday. The House of Cornish will be hosting a Gala to celebrate the occasion.

We are going to have a retrospective with all the models from 2011.
There will be runway show.

And so that everyone can try their hand at design, I have a little cupcake idea.
I found these cup cake toppers
And I will get enough cupcakes made for everyone to decorate one. Then we’ll have a cup cake model runway.
The other idea I am batting around is making the bases out of rice crispy treats. That way we could shape a more dramatic look on the bottom. (stay tuned to see what happens with that.)
We will have a ‘dress as an homage to your favorite designer’ element. It won’t be a contest. Just an opportunity to ‘man scape’ or use excessive amounts of bronzer. I don’t think anyone will actually shave the sides of their head for the party.
We will have voting. and maybe even some friendly bets.
There have already been sworn oaths that if Josh wins, the viewing audience for 2012 will be dramatically reduced. Just so you know.
Don’t you just want to host a party of your own?
What would you do?

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One Comment to Project Runway Party
    • Janet
    • No, I don’t want to host a party because I want to come to yours! I’ve been watching online to keep up with your blog. If you have a spare square on the floor I’d like to fill it! I’ll bring my own cupcake.

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