PPR challenge #11 House of Cornish

This week we were supposed to create a high end look inspired by a bird.
I loved the color of the cockatoo. The wonderful pink/peach of the feathers was so rich.
I got some lovely peachy fabric and some that looked like layered feathers to me.
I got it home, and I started draping.
Bird Challenge: work room

The peach was super shiney-sparkly. And then the ‘feather’ one read “giraffe”. Together, they are just ‘unfortunate’. (that is my favorite euphemism from this season.) (last season we adopted “Cray cray”)
It was just bad, bad, and bad.

So I regrouped.  I went with the Raven. And I didn’t do an all black look.
full shot
It’s a high end look. But it’s not fussy.
I had a rose to put on the dress. But I edited!

I paired it with a great Kate spade shoe. Just because I loved the colors. And they, in fact, are bird-like colors.

It’s a well sewn dress. Michael said “you certainly know how to cut for a woman’s body”. Heidi said that she would wear this (because it was tight). And Nina thought it would photograph well. it was advertorial.


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