PPR Challenge #10 – Kat’s Design

Challenge: Sew 70’s
Challenge: Create two looks inspired by sophisticated 70’s style that could be manufactured and sold on Piperlime. The second look can only be one piece.
Look 1:
For my first look a made a pair of wide leg black pants out of a beautiful wool crepe. For the top, I went with a simple handkerchief top made out of a fabulous patterned silk. To give the top some shape, I belted it with a gold belt, my little shout out to the disco era. I love the pattern of the top and the way it fits my model. The look is casual, but would still be perfect on a date.
PPR Challenge #10 - Sew 70's
I paired it with an pair of platform black boots.

Look 2:
PPR Challenge #10 - Sew 70's
I know this looks like a top and a skirt, but it is actually a one piece-maxi dress. There was something about this fabric that reminded me of a skirt I think my mother had in the 70’s. Since the pattern on the bottom of the dress was so busy, I wanted to keep the top very simple. A statement necklace is really all it needs to take it to the next level.
PPR Challenge #10 - Sew 70's
This looked was paired with a pair of wedge sandals and pink sunglasses.

Let’s face it the whole reason for the second, one piece outfit was to have something that would be easy and cheap for Piperlime to manufacture and sell. I think both of my pieces fit that bill, though they would prefer the dress. I also think both are eye-catching enough to sell on-line with their patterns.

I think the judges would like my choice of patterns and feel like a had a 70’s vibe to both outfits, but might feel like I went a little simple especially with the tops. I would point out that I felt they had that natural ease of the 70’s and also how well tailored my pants are.

Just a side note: I went to Macy’s this weekend and it was this sophisticated look for as far as the eye could see. The one thing they had a lot of that was missing on the runway this week though was fur, fur collars, vests and coats. I had wanted to do a fur vest for my model, but just couldn’t make it work with the fur I had.

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4 Comments to PPR Challenge #10 – Kat’s Design
    • Ros
    • I assumed the reason for the second look was to give Anya a second chance, being the producers’ favourite. I love your looks. The print on the maxi dress is fabulous and I would love to wear this. And the first look is so smart, especially with the little gold belt.

      • Susi
      • I agree. TLo thought the same thing. But even at the time, while watching I said “Oh, they just gave Anya $50 extra $$. She will go re-do her look”

    • Pinkzilla
    • Both of your looks are great! Definitely inspired by the 70’s, but modern and not a throwback. I think the reason the designers probably stayed away from fur was because they only had $150 for both looks and they wanted more usable yardage. That and they all seem to buy “just in case” fabrics that they never use.

    • Susi
    • I love both your looks. The belt is really on the money in the first look. And the second look is crisp, and fresh, and just “inspired by” the 70’s but not born there.
      Great work!

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