PPR Challenge #10 – Houses of Cornish

This week we were supposed to make an updated, sophisticated ’70’s look.

I had some wonderful prints and I was set to make a pair of big pants. I made them. And Tim came into the workroom and said I needed to start over. The idea was fine, but the fit was unfortunate.
The very unfortunate pants.
The wonderful chocolate stripe ended up just looking like cheap pajamas.  Scrap that.

The fabric that I bought for a top turned into a flowing party dress.
I didn’t want to make a “schemata”. The dress started very big and shapeless.  I didn’t want ‘shapeless’. So in the end, there is a wonderful close fitting dress in the front, and all the fullness sits in the back.
I tried to make a contrast belt, but it ended up reading as a kimono, and that was not the reference I wanted. (for this challenge)
I actually love this dress. I think it is right on the mark for this challenge. Tom and Lorenzo saw it in person, and they thought it really moved well, and that the still photos did not show the real beauty of the garment. Thanks guys.

I have to say, this year the challenges have been a little flat. There have not been any real ‘gown’ challenges yet. (and lets face it, our models are really suited for the gowns) I am waiting for the trip to Paris, and the runway show on the Seine. Please.

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