Iron Craft Challenge #43 – Nothing to fear but…

When Susi and I started Iron Craft at the beginning of the year it was, first of all, to help us do something “together” each week despite living across the country from each other. Secondly, it was about challenging ourselves and each other to try new craft techniques. This week’s challenge is all about that, challenge yourself to try something new, perhaps something you’ve been afraid of trying in the past.

Everyone has things on their own must try someday list, here are two on my list..
It’s amazing that a knitter like me cannot crochet! I’ve tried and given up right away. Maybe this will be the week I really give it a go. Hey, I’ve got this book to help.
silk ribbon embroidery
Or maybe I’ll tackle ribbon embroidery to dress up a sweater like this t-shirt done by Romantic Home.

Posting date is Wed, Oct 26th. Only in progress photo should be posted before that date. Please tag photos with IC43 and Iron Craft.

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8 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #43 – Nothing to fear but…
    • DrRuss
    • No judgments next week right? LOL. We should enjoy the creative process regardless of the outcome of the project. I might have trouble choosing–clay, knitting, oh so many choices.

    • Lauren
    • yeah no judgement! I can sew like nobody’s business. However, I never did embroidery or crochet. Hopefully this week’s challenge will be better than right now- my ic 42 had an epic fail with cross stitch, too small of a canvas! here’s to a better week!

    • Lori
    • That’s funny because my Mom crochets but finds knitting a pain. She said she is always worried about dropping a stitch. Me- I have done neither and have always wanted to try.

    • NameGrandma bee
    • Kat–if you try ribbon embroidery, be sure to prewash your ribbon until the water runs clean. I took a class and made a beautiful fall shirt with flowers in fall tones–lots of hours and work. I thought I had rinsed the ribbons enough, but the first time I washed it, it bled all over the shirt–totally ruined! So be careful!

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