Beheaded Barbie

Here we are, designing for the final challenge. I got one last Barbie from “The Tar Jay Boutique”. It was in a horrible little dress with loads of accessories strapped to it with millions of little tiny ‘braces rubber bands’. I was really excited because she is possible. Her elbows and her knees and her wrists all can be posed. They don’t look good, but they can move, and sit.

I got her home, and took off her dress to start draping my look on her, and this is what I found

Her shoulders and head separate. See that line?


There is a button on her back.

And her head comes right off.

Can you believe this revelation?
Can you imagine?
Will this change the look? I’m not sure. But it does offer some very interesting Halloween theme options doesn’t it? It’s a little spooky, this ‘headless doll’.

Back to work. Time is ticking. Tim is coming for the house visit soon, and I will need to book him in for some time at “House of Air”


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8 Comments to Beheaded Barbie
    • DrRuss
    • I have to say that I have never seen a naked Barbie before. A naked Ken, yes, but never a naked Barbie. We might need an adult content warning on this site–;)

          • Kat
          • Ros – I’m sure someone along the way complained that Barbie without underwear was harming their child….not like the whole unrealistic idea of Barbie’s shape wasn’t already.

      • Susi
      • I thought the same thing Dr.. It is meant to just be a picture, then suddenly it was “Barbie soft porn”. I was thinking about doing a little ‘photoshopping’, and then I thought it was a funny notion. The strange connotations that plastic takes on. …

    • Allie
    • She’s one of the new-ish lines of Barbies where the HEAD is an interchangeable accessory. You know – like her shoes or a hat. Just pop that head off! I loved Barbie as a kid but this “innovation” gives me the hardcore creeps and makes me really mad.

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