PPR Challenge #9 – House of Cornish

Lets review the challenge: “update or define the image of a band member from the Sheep Dogs.”

Now, let’s translate that into plain English: “This is a menswear challenge. The goal is not to make the band members look like fools.” I’m not sure how the designers missed the memo on this. We saw some ridiculous fast food uniforms. And a lot of ‘woodstock’. “Rock Jesus” and all praise for the headband and braids!  What was going on there? I declare this to be a ‘fringe free look’ from the House of Cornish.

Now, I give you a modern casual rocker.
hello ladies!

He is in an updated t-shirt, and leather pants.

buff rocker
The shirt has a front seam, and tight sleeves to show off ‘the guns’ on this guy. And the sleeves are a little too long. Not comical, but just over the heal of his hand, and enough length to push up for a good “wrinkle” affect.

I actually like the pants a lot. I would have liked them a little tighter in the rear, but, “Ken”s feet did not allow for that. (believe me when I say I tried.!)
plastic hair
I took him to the Garnier Fructise Hair Studio, but even the artists there could not help this head of hair. Really, I cannot take a picture that will explain the texture we have here. It is ‘other worldly’. Plastic, with some sort of product on it. It is a real helmet. It kind of fascinates me, and repulses me at the same time.
I am really happy with this look.
I think it takes a pretty confident man to wear leather pants. And a ‘stage persona’ to pull these off. The t-shirt is a nod to ‘everyman’. It’s not a shirt from Target, but it is also not costumey.
My model was super happy with his look.
Nina was bored. Micheal was satisfied. Heidi wished the pants were tighter.

I’m through to next week!

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