PPR Challenge #6: Cornish Design

I was on a FABULOUS excursion to New York City for this week’s episode, so instead of a “two day” challenge, I had about 1.5 hours to ‘make it work’.

“Avant Garde” really threw me for a loop. Clearly, it threw the judges for a loop as well. “Advance Guard”, “pushing the boundaries…” but not “costume”. That is a very fine line.

My original art was done by my resident painter.


My look drew inspiration from the colors, and the varying intensity of the brush strokes. Sometimes the paint is very thick, and in other places, it is translucent. I wanted this dress to have an AMAZING shape, and just be a mix of the colors hitting the layers of tulle.
Model and art

Time really was not my friend this week. But by the time Tim came through the work room, I did not have time to start over. I can still see the kernel of what I was trying to do there in the tulle somewhere. I will defend my look on the runway.
waist detail

But in the green room, I will agree that it is dangerously close to a ‘national costume’ of some sort.
Big hair.

I styled the hair in a LARGE exaggerated bun.  And paired this with a gold/bronze shoe.

Rock it girl!

Just like Bert, I’m not sure if they LOVE it, or if I will get sent home. ?

Check back, and see if I’m here next week.


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