My Own ‘Fashion Week’

The ladies in my family were invited to NYC for a ‘girls weekend’. After a huge calendar search, Labor Day Weekend was selected as “our time”.

Ironically, this is the weekend before Fashion Week in New York. So close, and yet, not quite. (That’s okay, “that” is not what “this” trip was for. WHEN Kat and I get invited to fashion week next year (like Not Martha)– that will be our time.)

I took one morning and made my own pilgrimage to the garment district. And my Mom, Bunnie, and both my sisters-in-law came along to witness the scene as well!

We started at Parson’s

The guard outside, instead of being blase, was a lovely, congenial man, who appreciated my obsession with the show, and understood my pilgrimage. He ‘got’ to hear all about the blog, and our game, and my excitement in general. Wasn’t he lucky?
He asked who our favorites were, and to his great credit, it was a completely one sided conversation. This would be the guy to take to Vegas, because he did not even make eye contact he had such a poker face going.
My Mom, being the supportive Mom, is following the game, and so, now she is following the show. (yes, I am proud that I have brought my Mom to the world of Reality Television. She still will not get up on Facebook though!) Mom was even talking about who she thought had potential.


After our wonderful conversation, and photo op, we went off in search of Mood.
I was breathless just walking in.

I asked for Swatch, but he was ‘off’ that day. I did meet the owner (of the shop, and of Swatch.) He was very nice, and welcomed us.

The selection is completely overwhelming.
If you are looking for “something” it is there.
In the end, I had full fabric blindness.
I almost got panicky.
I settled on this hot pink velvet.
I am going to make a tube scarf. And I have an idea that I am going to try too. (But, more on that later.)

I walked up and down these stairs for my photo shoot
And in the end, most of the pictures just show how hot and tired I am. : ) But, here you go. The “shot on the stairs” had to be done.

We had a fun conversation with one of the young ladies that worked there. She said that during the days they tape – the employees are cleared out, and just the owner any a very few sr. staff are upstairs. It helps to keep the leaks plugged. She said they only leave the staff in place on the days when they do the ‘thinking shots’. What? The “thinking shots” where they say “hmmmm” and hold their chins. (Really? When do they do those? Are the contestants in the same outfit? Do they really get days off in the middle? Or are the challenges back to back?) It got me to thinking. I will be watching carefully for the “thinking shots” at Mood now. And I will be looking at their clothes too!

It was a THRILLING morning. It was so much fun to visit the places that are so familiar to me, and see them in person!

For more on my trip to New York, you can read here.

See you on the runway!!

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6 Comments to My Own ‘Fashion Week’
    • Tawny
    • That’s so awesome! You look like you’re having so much fun! I only have one question: What was the lighting like in Mood? Is it really that bad? I mean, the colour blind guy seems to be doing fine…. hehehe

      • Susi
      • Tawny,
        That is a GREAT question! The lighting is florescent. Or “looks like florescent”. But it may be color-correction. It is bright in there though. The trick is that all the bolts are lying down on their sides (as shown) so you can really only see the ones on the ‘top’. And only the ones that are at or below eye level, on the top of those shelves. Lots of the fabric is stacked up on shelves over your head. And the rolls of fabric are HEAVY. so if you decide you want cotton lawn, fine. Go start pulling. But if you think you want a ‘nice blue’ but you are not sure what weight you want – then you are going to be out of luck. It is like the Louve of fabric. You could spend a week there, and you will have only seen the high-lights.

    • DrRuss
    • I am so disappointed that you didn’t contact me before your trip. I could have given you a tour or at least provided you with a map of places of interest. I am glad that you had a good time though.

    • Ros
    • Mood is AMAZING! I only went once and it was near closing time so I didn’t get to spend as long as I would have liked browsing. I did manage to buy a few lovely bits and pieces – a scrap of which I used in this week’s PPR challenge!

    • DrRuss
    • Susi,
      Somehow your email was deleted or lost in the www. I would have certainly respected your wishes for a girl’s trip but I could have given you a wish list of places to visit–quilting stores galore, fabric stores, trimmings stores, knitting stores in Brooklyn, etc. I just love my city and it is one of the greatest places for crafters. Next time, let me give you a list. Best wishes–russ

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