Iron Craft Challenge #36 – Creative Activities

It’s State Fair time here in Minnesota and that’s all you hear about here, so why not make it our theme this week. I’ve always wanted to enter something in the fair’s creative activities competitions. Who knows maybe I’ll earn a blue ribbon here on Just Crafty Enough?!
Right this way
Make something that you could enter into a State Fair Competition. You could go safe here with things like quilts, knit mittens, make jam or a decorated cake OR you could go with one of these slightly odder categories from the Great Minnesota Get Together.

Seed Art
Seed Art Seed Art
Make a Scarecrow
Scary Potter DSC_0050
Quilt on a Stick – I kid you not here. This quilt must be an 8″ x 9″ rectangle and have a pocket on the back to fit a painter’s stir stick. Even better there was a theme this year, Shakespeare at the Fair, yikes! Ok, you so don’t have to do that theme.
Quilt on a Stick Quilt on a Stick
Interpretive Flower Arranging – Here are some of the fun categories for that
Bits and Pieces – small design no larger than 8″ in any dimension
Exercise – implying motion
Dancing – mobile, 3’ x 3’ max. Hung 4’ above table 526
Friends – synergystic, three (3) or more containers
Swimming – underwater design
Outer Space – vertical design
Northern Lights – swag suitable for hanging, dried and/or fresh
DSC_0054 Wally the Beer Man Floral Display
Beeswax Artwork including Ukrainian Eggs and Batik
Bee & Honey Art
Creative Bee Artwork featuring a Bee or Honey Design
Bee & Honey Art
Best use of novelty yarn in any knit project


Doll, portrait, single or pair, face and costume representing a
certain individual, living or dead (recognizable or accompanied
by a photo of individual)

Fruit or vegetable doll (not made from produce), must have head, arms and legs

Post Card Frames – Must hold 6 – 24 postcard
Post Card Collection
Creative Collections– Collections must be boxed, mounted and labeled.
Handkerchief Dresses

Here’s a link to the whole Creative Activities catalog with all the categories you could enter this year. See you all on Machinery Hill, I’ll be the one with the tray of fried cheese curds!

Posting date is Wednesday, September 7th. Please tag photos with IC36 and IronCraft.

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6 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #36 – Creative Activities
    • amy dame
    • ohmygoodness, i don’t remember the fair being that bizarre! i need to go to an american fair, who knew they were so much more interesting than ours?!

    • Chinnu
    • Amazing fair…..wish we had one such in my city too πŸ™
      This is just fun….fun…so much fun….any category….i don’t mind at all as long as am using glue and scissors….what say!!
      Hope to make a submission this week at-least……..have been very very busy πŸ™

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