S’more Fimo Please

We play with play dough quite a bit here at Casa Cornish. I considered just documenting one of those episodes, and leaving it at that.  But I got an idea into my craw, and it called out to be done. My time at camp this summer have put me in a s’more state of mind.

Off I went to start my project, and I was surprised to find that I did, in fact, purge my Fimo supplies.  This was a shock to me. And not a good one. Here I am, trying to up-cycle, and use what I have to do crafts. AND trying to clear out, and help things find a good home (that is not ours). So to learn that I did not have what I needed for this idea means that I purged something I ‘could have used’.  And that may thwart my future ability to purge freely. (Frightening. Purging is not a strength as it is.)

I went out and made some modest purchases for what I had in mind.

Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Graham

I got the three important colors. When you are making flowers or quilts or clothes, the ‘three important colors’ will be different. But in this case I got Chocolate, Graham Cracker, and Marshmallow color!

First, I made the s’mores


And then, I went on to create other treats that happen to have the perfect colors for.

Ice Cream sandwiches
Ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwich

And finally fudgesicles.




All of the earrings lined up

We sure had fun.

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