PPR Challenge #3 – Kat’s Design

Challenge 3: Go Big or Go Home
Challenge: Create an outfit for a stiltwalker.
Time: You have 14 hours to create your design.

I’m going to start by saying this was one of the stupidest Project Runway challenges ever and that the judging on the show was just crazy. The designers were told to go big and yet the ones who made the most normal clothes were praised. Ok, ok, I’ve just got to accept it and get through this challenge. First I had to create stilts for Mía.
Project Project Runway Challenge #3
I used some chopsticks taped to her legs to get the height needed. I also knew they would help with the photo shoot since I could stick them in the ground.

I decided to go somewhere between a “normal” design and something a little more like a costume. I thought if you are designing for a stiltwalker it’s not like she is wearing this outfit to a cocktail party, she is wearing it because she is performing!
PPR Challenge 3 - Go Big or Go Home

(My attempt at making my model look tall)

A chose a patterned fabric that read a little bit circus because of the colors, but I also felt the print read a little designer because of the zig-zags.
PPR Challenge 3 - Go Big or Go Home
My outfit started with a patterned bustier. It has princess seaming that makes careful use of the lines in the pattern. The black pants are pretty simple, yet well fitted. The stretch fabric would allow the stiltwalker ease of movement (though they turned out a little more yoga then I would have liked). Then there is the coat which is fitted on top, but much more sweeping on the bottom. The coat is lined with the same fabric as the bustier, but designed so the stripes in the back go in the opposite direction. The coat is gathered into one large pleat in the back, which give the fit to the top and makes the bottom flow out behind her on its own. The coat is structural enough that it flows out behind her whether there is a wind or not.
PPR Challenge 3 - Go Big or Go Home
Since the models didn’t need shoes this week, the only accessories I used were a bracelet and earrings from Piperlime. I felt like the pattern on both harkened well to the pattern in the fabric.

I can’t even begin to guess what the judges would have said about this outfit since the judging was so CRAZY! I’m just guessing I would have been safe. I can’t wait for the next challenge which looks a little more sane!

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5 Comments to PPR Challenge #3 – Kat’s Design
    • Tawny
    • I love this look! The coat is beautiful. The lining is spot on. I don’t think the pants look “yoga” at all. They look like very well fitted pants to me. Terrific work!

    • Pinkzilla
    • I didn’t take issue with the challenge so much, because hey it’s Project Runway, but I agree that the judging was rather contrary to the feel of the challenge. That being said, I think that your design is street-wear enough that the judges would have loved it with just enough costumey feel that it fits with the spirit of the challenge. Great job 🙂

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