PPR Challenge #3 – Cornish Design

This week we found the models on stilts !

There was not a lot of other direction or limitation placed on us.
We did want to attempt to have our runway outside, so back to the ‘garden photo studio’ for us!
I did a black chiffon dot top, and voluminous skirt on the bottom.
There are actually black pants under the whole thing, and they pop out when she walks on the runway.
The bottom fabric has a lovely big flower pattern on it.
I accented the whole thing with a green raw silk trim and waste sash.
The funny thing about this challenge is that Barbie’s body is SO exaggerated, her proportions are actually like those models on stilts. So we essentially do a ‘stilts’ look every week!


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6 Comments to PPR Challenge #3 – Cornish Design
    • Tawny
    • It’s true. The exaggerated pants were just extra because Barbie’s legs are so long already. I love this look!

      The green accent is perfect. You avoided Nina saying that everything is to matchy matchy like she said for mine.

      The skirt flows and looks so light and beautiful. Well done.

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