PPR Challenge 2 – Susi’s Design

A Dog’s Day in the workroom.

Good heavens, this episode would need to be 90 minutes if it was filmed in my ‘workroom’. There were shredded pee pads everywhere, leaking their fluffy contents across the room, as well as cut up leashes, and pulled apart squeaky toys!

pet supplies

I started with a ‘joke’ dress, and the last laugh was certainly on me! The joke pee pad dress was actually a viable design compared to what followed.

The “joke” dress (and the joke was on me)

My head is down. I’m sending this onto the runway because Tim has said emphatically that there is no more time.

Green Fur “moment”

I will defend my skirt – there is a new idea there!
Woo hoo!

eyelet skirt

I cut a scallop and created an eyelet border. So maybe Michael and Nina will think kindly of the creative manipulation of the fabric.  And the skirt is short, so Heidi will be able to see it.


The top is a shrug and bodice in two shades of green fur.

One judge said “unfortunate” and one said “ill fitting”

I am not sure if I will be revered, and if the judges will look favorably on my fur, like our friend Olivier? Or will I be cast out, like puppy-umbrella-halter-top? (The inconsistent judging drives me bananas. Bah-Na-Nuhs.)

My lovely model worked it on the runway.

Finger’s crossed!

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8 Comments to PPR Challenge 2 – Susi’s Design
    • Elle
    • The judges were very easy on Olivier, weren’t they? I think they’d definitely say your scores were high enough to make it to next week.

      By the way, I was all over the inconsistent judging last week. At least “kicked out guy” (forgot his name) manipulated the umbrella fabric somewhat.
      Olivier didn’t do anything to it! They just think he’s cute. Cute won’t cut it for long.

    • Susi
    • Elle: didn’t they say Olivier grew up in Ohio?
      So what is that accent? I thought it was kind of “Hong Kong educated English” but it turns out, we may have a “Madonna English Accent” on our hands. !!! “Cute”? The fact is, he is talented though, despite the really unfortunate top last week. I’m still rooting for “The queen Mum”, “Halston man”

    • Cyn
    • I was looking at this with my 23 year old daughter looking over my shoulder and her first reaction was “ooh that’s cute!”. I think you’re being too hard on yourself and that you’ll be safe!

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