Iron Craft Challenge #34 – On the Go Project Folder

I almost didn’t get a project done for this week’s Iron Craft which would have been really disappointing because I haven’t missed one yet this year. This week’s challenge was all about transportation and I just couldn’t think of anything to do. I tried to think of something with a Vespa, but nothing came to me. Then I thought maybe I could come up with a knitting pattern for a VW Beetle, but really just didn’t have the time. Finally, my husband said why not make something for when you are on the go in the car or traveling. I know it’s a bit of a stretch with the challenge, but I was down to the final hours, so I went with it.

I always like to bring a project with me when I travel, but have gotten into a bad habit of just throwing everything I need in my computer bag. All the little bits & bobs roll around in there and I’ve lost so many small scissors I can’t even tell you. My pattern often ends up a wrinkled mess too. So, I decided to sew up a folder to keep is all together neatly, something I can just fill and slip in my bag.
Iron Craft Challenge #34 - On the Go Project Folder.
I used a heavy cotton canvas from IKEA to make the folder. On one side, I sewed in a plastic folder to hold my pattern copies (You always travel with copies of your patterns, right?). On the other side I sewed in a pocket that closes with velcro to hold all my tools.
Iron Craft Challenge #34 - On the Go Project Folder.
The folder closes with just some velcro on a webbing tab making it the right size to fit in my bag.
Iron Craft Challenge #34 - On the Go Project Folder.
Now, when I’m ready to work on a project in a car or plane I can just open the folder in my lap and I’m read to go.

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4 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #34 – On the Go Project Folder
    • Seanna Lea
    • I love your project here. What did you use for the plastic folder that you sewed in?

      (I had an idea, but I am stupidly strapped for time with deadline knitting and deadline baking.)

    • Ande Noren
    • I waffled on ideas for five days and couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t something that would take too much time or was totally lame. I like your idea, and it certainly is ‘on the go’!

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