Iron Craft Challenge #35 – Done Reading?

In this day of the Nook, the Kindle, and the Iphone – books are feeling threatened.

(not in our house though. But I’ve heard about it!)

This week the challenge is to do something with a book.

You could just hollow one out to keep special secret things in it.

Or you could go for ART.

room divider done in books

From TU Delft Architecure Bibliotheek in Holland
Here is some clever folding

Marcy Bates with Recycled Reads (also on Etsy)

That is Marcy from Recycled Reads

How about a slice of Book cake?


book layer cake

By Artist Robert The, actually, showing at the Walker, for you Minneapolians.

Now, let it be said that part of this challenge breaks my heart. I love books. And cutting into one seems like a sacralegde. But, I do have one, and I enjoyed it, and I tried to sell it so that someone else could enjoy it too, and I was told that the store would not take it. They have given up on hard bound books almost entirely.  (and this is no great work of fiction… not a collector’s item by any stretch.) So I feel safe to use that.

Have fun. I cannot see what you come up with.

Posting date is Wednesday, August 31st. Only in progress photos before that date please. Tag your photos with IC35 and IronCraft.

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4 Comments to Iron Craft Challenge #35 – Done Reading?
    • amy dame
    • my mom’s a writer, so i grew up with a huge respect for books and a massive love for reading (most kids get grounded from tv, i got grounded from reading non-school books!).

      but i still love book crafts. anyone who’s ever volunteered for a thrift store will tell you that massive amounts of books are disposed of, because they simply won’t sell. it breaks my heart when really amazing antique books are used, but for the most part, i’m happy that the book can be appreciated in a different form.

    • Jessica
    • Seeing books cut up/stacked up is very upsetting. They look fantastic – but it breaks my poor Librarian’s heart to see this. Logically I know there are tons of books that just aren’t needed any more and that huge amounts get mashed down each year. Still – not a project I’m going to be able to do!

      • Susi
      • Jessica,
        I can totally respect your perspective.
        I want to just let you know those books stacked up are in a library! That is the check out counter at Library. Crazy, huh.
        Thanks for reading, and we’ll look forward to your submissions to other challenges.

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