Dolls on Stilts

Ok, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought this was one of the silliest challenges ever on Project Runway. Since we are trying to follow the show as closely as possible, I have to suck it up and make some stilts for my model.
Project Project Runway Challenge #3
I went with chopsticks attached to my models legs with masking tape. Since her feet come off I get a straight line down the leg with no feet sticking out. I left the “stilts” a little longer than they needed to be so I can stick them in the ground to make her stand for the runway.
PPR - C3 - StiltsMaterial
MollyMonsterSews went a really clever route. Here is how she said she made her stilts, “I took a used priority mail box, cut it into two smaller boxes, and threaded some ribbon through to tie it to Angharad’s feet. She is steady enough to get a picture, but not much more!”

So, what about you other designers, how are you giving your models a little extra height? Will you be able to make her stand for the runway?

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6 Comments to Dolls on Stilts
    • Tawny
    • I put my model up on thread spools. That works really well for Barbies because they have pointy toes that can fit into the top of the spools. 🙂 I also think this is a ridiculous challenge. I’m gonna have to shorten whatever I make later so my model can wear it again.

    • Jeanie
    • I’ve never watched the show until this year and didn’t know if this was a typical challenge or not. I also think it’s goofy. Basically, we’ll just be making a longer version of something that would work for the runway and not look too circus-like….so why bother? I haven’t even started thinking of what I’ll make, but I’ll probably use chop sticks for the extra height.

      • Kat
      • Jeanie – This challenge was out there for even them. I agree with you the judging on this made no sense. Tim tells them at the beginning of the show to think big, outrageous and over the top, but then the judges praise the outfits that just look normal with a longer bottom. Silly, silly, silly!

    • J. Robinson
    • I went the straw route too, by taping three straws to each leg to try to make tripod-y stilts that might have let her stand freely. Well, that didn’t happen but straws will do if i can stick them in the ground as you are thinking. To me, the stilts seem superfluous, but we will “make it work!”

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