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Kathy and I love sending each other links to beautiful quilts that capture our attention and inspire us. We dream of making them all ourselves someday. We hope they inspire you too.

This quilt does so many things that, on paper, I would be against.
But it is amazing. I love it.
“scrappy” quilts don’t always come out super well. (they are great for the sewer, and evoke all kinds of memories, but atheistically, they don’t always work.)
“rainbow” quilts are sometimes cliche. And, since I live in San Francisco, the Castro has co-oped the “Rainbow”.

Zig Zag Rail Fence Quilt

Quilt by Red Pepper Quilts

This one makes really good use of white.
The pattern helps the eye to travel, and makes the ‘scrappiness’ cohesive.
And the deviation from the ‘exact’ rainbow makes this interesting. Pink. Black. Light green, and true bright red. It is also done by a master quilter. This is not her first day at the sewing machine.
Lovely, Red Pepper.

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