A Whole Bunch Of Models

The Models have been hired!
The models

In past seasons of Project Runway, they have experimented with the models role on the show. And for two seasons, they had a separate show about the models. That was a bit overworked, and not as interesting. But I can assure you, the role the model plays in Project Runway, and in OUR Project project runway is HUGE.  They are more than supporting players, that is for sure.

One of my biggest fans expressed that he would like to see all the outfits all at once in a final ‘Bryant Park’ style show.  And I agreed that would be really neat. But, unfortunately, I only had one model. And some of the outfits that I ‘sent down the runway’ would have needed to be much more professionally finished than what I had done in some cases.  These outfits, once they are on, they need to STAY on.

We worked through the logistics, and this fan agreed to pay the ‘models’ ‘fees’.  (It is worth noting that this is not my husband!) Wow. What a great and generous act of support!
The line-up
So after a long and involved search, we have 8 models ready to go for the premier. 7 days away!

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4 Comments to A Whole Bunch Of Models
    • Laurel
    • this is hilarious, so glad i found your blog (via twitter)
      i just last night finished watching last season, can’t believe mondo didn’t win!!!!!
      anyways, i was way too obsessed with it, i was having dreams about who was going to get the boot next…
      looking forward to seeing your final looks!

    • Susi
    • Laurel, Thank you so much for your comment. I hear you about your obsession! We invented ‘obsession! While you are waiting for next season to start, go check out what we did last season. You will get a bang out of it, seeing as how the challenges are still all fresh in your mind.
      And yes, the wrong person won, that is for sure.

    • Meredith P
    • Found your site just in time to watch Season 9. Looking forward to your creations. If last season was any indication, your efforts will be more interesting and satisfying than the show…except for my enduring love for Tim Gunn. 😉

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