• Project: Frozen Soap

    Are you looking for a Frozen party favor or perhaps a quick stocking stuffers for Frozen fans? How about glittery snowflake soap in clear and pale blue? Using glycerine soap base, available at craft ...
    Dec 15, 2014 No Comments

  • Project Fail: Easter Egg Soaps

    So, we typically like to show you pretty, successful projects here on Just Crafty Enough, but let’s be realistic not every project is a success. Let me tell you a tell of such a project…Ea...
    Mar 21, 2013 5 Comments

  • Crafting Your Heart Out

    Christmas is over, the New Year’s confetti has been thrown and now the stores are all full of red and pink hearts. Well, if you can’t beat ’em you might as well join ’em. Here&...
    Jan 04, 2013 1 Comment