Bloomin’ Happy Mittens KAL: Clue 2

Ok, our cuffs are hopefully done! Here are mine.

Now we will be knitting the hand through the thumb divide. Well, through where the thumb stitches get set aside to work later.

This is also where the long stranding I talked about comes into play. On the palm, every 6th row has no colorwork, but those rows do have colorwork on the back. Just carry your contrast yarn along the palm catching it every 4 or 5 stitches (about 1/2″). Make sure to keep the tension nice and even. Here is what my inside looks like.

Don’t worry if your mitten looks a little puckery. My mittens looked a mess before blocking, I swear.

You could add some colorwork to those empty rows, if you absolutely can’t carry the yarn.
I think the design on the palm would make a really pretty mitten when worked on both the palm and back, just skip the back design completely. This would also be a good mitten for those who don’t want to worry about longer carry sections at all. It does have some “flower” motif later on in the pattern.

Chose your own adventure:
Remember, there are two thumb options, so make sure to follow the directions and chart for the thumb you want. I’ve set these up so the correct chart is under its instructions and so that you can print out just the pages with the thumb you want.

As for colors for this section…If you are using two colors, continue the colorwork on the hand that same way you did the cuff. If you are using three colors like I did, change to CC1 for the colorwork on your hand. You will notice the flowers have centers, you can leave them the MC or bring your CC2 back into play and use it for those centers. They can be knit is as you go, though that is a bit tricky, or you can do what I did and duplicate stitch them in afterwards.

If you have bought the pattern on Ravelry, look for an update in your library, the next section has been added to the pattern. Otherwise, download clue 2 here.

**Update 1/12/18 2:40pm: There was a math error on Row 30 in the side-gore version on all three sizes. It has been fixed.

Bloomin’ Happy Mittens 7″ Clue 2
Bloomin’ Happy Mittens 7.5″ clue 2
Bloomin’ Happy Mittens 8″ Clue 2

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