12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland: Mitten 10

It’s time to get our lords a-leaping with mitten 10!
12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland
Download the 12 Days Mittens Chart 10.

You guys know the drill, there are three charts, so play with it as much as you’d like to make your set your own. There has been a lot of talk about blocking in these knit alongs over the last year and I wanted to share an experience with all of you. I hadn’t knit one of these mittens in over a month (because I was trying to be ahead of the game). When I knit up 10 it was a lot bigger than the others, almost 1/2″ wider. I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t check my gauge and we all can knit differently day to day with the same needles and yarn. Since I was knitting with 100% wool Palette yarn I decided to see if I could just felt it a little to get it to the right size. Usually, I block my mittens by soaking them in cool water with a little soap, then I rinse them and dray them flat between towels. This time I put the mitten into hot water, not so hot I couldn’t touch it, and soap and I agitated it a little. Presto! The mitten almost immediately shrank down to the same size at the others. I know Palette is considered a good felter and this little test really proved that.
12 Days of Christmas Mitten Garland
Here is my set so far and you can see that 10 doesn’t look the wrong size at all.

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