Mitten Garland Advent Calendar – Mitten 23

Welcome to Monday. Here is your Advent Calendar Mitten 23 Chart.
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten 23
I almost forgot to do a mitten with reindeer on it! Luckily, when I wasn’t happy with my original design for #23, my husband reminded me I still needed a reindeer one. This one is a nice mix of all over pattern and picture knitting with just a few rows with longer floats.
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten 23
Next Monday, we’ll have our final mitten. So, how many of you are close to finishing?

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6 Comments to Mitten Garland Advent Calendar – Mitten 23
    • NameJulieZ
    • Every Monday I have looked forward to downloading the new mitten chart! I won’t get them all done this year, but will continue working on them until they are all finished.

      I have a Christmas tree that is all mini mittens and socks that I have knitted and can’t wait to add these to the tree.

      And though you are just finishing up your hard work on all these mittens, I’m just going to toss out a thought–would you consider designing mini socks for next year? They would all be so cute together…

      Thank you for your wonderful designs. They are great fun to knit!

      • Kat
      • Oh, I am not a sock knitter at all. I am actually already considering a set of 12 Days of Christmas mittens for next year, but who knows what will happen between now and then.

    • Dot
    • I love that little reindeer. It’s hard to find a deer motif that looks like real reindeer, without a long upright neck. I’m just saving patterns this year – maybe I can knit them before next year! Twelve days of Christmas sounds good to me.

    • Jackie
    • I love that little reindeer, too! I’ve been saving the patterns. I’ve never knit a mitten or knit anything where I have to carry colors. I am looking forward to doing both with all of your wonderful mitten patterns. Thank you so much for patterns….

      • Kat
      • A lot of people doing the knit along had never knit a mitten or done color work before either. It is a really good chance to learn those skills.

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