Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #17 “F” is for Fit Bit

I got a Fit Bit recently and have really enjoyed the challenges that it brings to my routine. What I don’t enjoy is having on a black rubber bracelet every day. So for this IC challenge I tried to change that. I tried and tried…

First, I got these headbands.
I was super excited because they looked like they would work really well! I figured once I made one, I could just produce one in every color!  But when I cut into them, they just unraveled.
I didn’t want to use fray check and have kind of a “wet ring” around the opening. So I moved on from there.

Next I tried black sparkle. I thought the glitter was subtle enough for me.

This fabric turned out to be MORE impossible to work with. Whew!

Here is the challenge, the product I have is called Fit Bit Charge. It actually snaps on and forms a closed ring. It also has a front panel display. Since it’s still newish to me, I check the display all the time, so that needs to be accessible to me. The way this thing works is through contact with the skin on my arm, so it took until I got here to realize that I really cannot make a tube style cover. The tube will not be stable if I have a hole in the front for the display, a hole in the underside to make contact with my skin, and a full opening on the back to talk the “watch” on and off. So, no clever tube design. We are down to just “cover”.

I found a nice piece of ribbon that is wide enough to cover the band.
From there it is simple. Cut a piece longer about 3″ longer than you need. Roll and hem both ends down. Add a velco closure. (I used stick velcro so I could put it exactly where I wanted it. )
Here it is done.
And from the side, you can just see it peeking under.
I’m happy with it. I would like to make some from velvet ribbon and I would like to try one with big beads strung on elastic. Stay tuned to see if those happen.

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