Iron Craft ’15 Challenge #16 – Elfette Rag Doll

For this Iron Craft challenge we were asked to make a project that could be entered into a competition at the Minnesota State Fair. (Hey, it’s my fair, I’m a little biased.)

I was under the gun on this one as I was on vacation until this past Saturday. Luckily, I was inspired by some Danish dolls I saw at a Scandinavian shop on my trip. Sunday, I picked up a few supplies and then yesterday I put the whole thing together. I mean ALL day yesterday, but I think it was worth it.

The category I decided to make something for was Number 720, Doll, character type over 8″ (though I debated whether this would actually be doll, play type). The doll and its clothes needed to be made by the entrant. So, I present to you my Elfette Rag Doll.
Iron Craft '15 Challenge #16 - Elfette Rag Doll
This was quite a sewing challenge for me, from designing each of the pieces to figuring out how it would all go together. Then there was some tricky sewing on things like the little mittens and turned up elf shoes. (I wonder if I could hand knit some little mittens?!) I’m really charmed by how she turned out and I learned an awful lot making her.
Iron Craft '15 Challenge #16 - Elfette Rag Doll
I have to admit I think she looks a little more like a mouse than an elf, but Matt assured me she is very elf-like. I think perhaps the ears are a little too high and the nose it is a little too pointed.
Iron Craft '15 Challenge #16 - Elfette Rag Doll
Her dress with its pleated skirt and hand-knit scarf can be removed (though I still need to add snaps once I can find them in my packed up craft room) which is why I thought she could also be a play type doll.
Iron Craft '15 Challenge #16 - Elfette Rag Doll
I plan on sharing all the instructions and my patterns to make my little doll, but it’ll take some time to draw all the patterns out and I’d like to refine a few things. Not just the things mentioned above to get rid of the mouse look, but I think the neck is a little too long and the dress pattern needs some tailoring. I also want to create a boy elf to go with her. Who knows, if I get these as good as I’d like, maybe I will create a set to enter in next year’s fair.

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