Mitten Garland Advent Calendar – Mitten #2

I’m thrilled so many people have decided to knit along on this project. It’s fun to see everyone’s color choices and the finished mittens starting to roll in the Ravelry group. I wanted to share one with you by Ravelry user Chumily.
She added a little more color detail throughout Mitten #1 using duplicate stitch. It looks so great. Duplicate stitch is a good way to add those small pops of color without having to actually strand a third color. She also made the great point that it is fun to knit something you don’t need to make a match for!

Ok, on to this week’s mitten. Red hearts just say Christmas to this Swedish girl…
Mitten Garland Advent Calendar - Mitten #2
Download the Advent Calendar Mitten 2 Chart (Update: There was a small error in the chart which was fixed on 6/23/15. If you downloaded the chart before that day, please do so again.) and the Mitten Advent Calendar Pattern .(Remember we will be using the same written pattern for all 24 mittens, so you only need to download this if you haven’t already.)

If you missed it here is Mitten #1.

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2 Comments to Mitten Garland Advent Calendar – Mitten #2
    • Deb
    • I can’t knit due to a disability to be able to knit these beautiful mittens, but I just wanted to say they are the most gorgeous mittens I have ever seen. I have searched my life for a pair my size to be able to wear and to see them all in a little calendar just made my heart sing. I think you should be so very, very proud of your accomplishment in making this awe-inspiring decoration!!!!! Congrats on a difficult job so very well done! Happy holidays!

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