Unicorn Fail

It’s not often that the word “unicorn” and the word “fail” would be in the same sentence for us. We live in a magical time right now where fairies and unicorns RULE.

We do a lot of homemade projects in our house, but often times, these are more “the fun of doing it” than the end result. So when we go to a kit, we do expect the results to be good if not great. We recently got this kit to make a stained glass type window sun catcher. Let me show you where the word “fail” came in.
Here is the kit, Makit n’ Bakit. Right there, the name should have been a give away that this was not going to go well.
The kit comes with these little tiny plastic bits in tiny bags and a unicorn frame for them to sit in.
We started by making a foil tray on a baking sheet. We were both armed with tweezers and I even donned my reading glasses. We got serious. When every single plastic bead was down in the exact right place, and there were NO colors mixed, we carefully set this project in the preheated oven.
And here is how it came out:

The directions said to heap the little crystals in the middle. It warned that they will melt and shrink a little bit. Oh, we heaped. And yet, in our final product we got something that looks like lace. There are tons of holes, almost as it they evaporated.
Here is their head and our head.
Why does the example have white instead of clear? And what is the hot pink outline that appears around all the pink areas. That is deceptive.
Here it is coming out of the oven
It wasn’t that it looked a little different, it just looks NOTHING like the picture. The plastic must have literally jumped when the foil heated or the unicorn body lifted slightly away from the foil and allowed the little bits to roll under and loose their way.
There was a whole lot of extra melted beads all around that were not there when we put the project INTO the oven.

This does not represent a significant loss financially. However, I would like my time back, thank you. But more than that, this project shattered the illusion that if you use a kit the project will work out well. We would have been better off just going free-form. Or making a shape in a cookie cutter. Or just making cookies!!!! So be warned. If you see this kit at your craft store, run to a different isle.

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