Mermaid Fleece Snuggler Update

The girls in the Stitch Lab saw the Mermaid Fleece Snuggler that I made for my daughter and they went WILD.

It turns out that this is a great project for 10 year olds! Here are some of the outstanding results.
The girls do not care really if the fleece is traditional mermaid colors. Reds and pinks were FINE.
I brought in the paper pattern piece I used at home and we used it at school again and again.
A quick note about the fleece: beware, not all fleece is created equal. There are some very high end fleece products that can run up to $24/yd. Seriously. You are looking at a $50 snuggler if you choose those! Other fleece can start at around $6.99. If  you catch them on sale or apply a coupon, or BOTH, you will have a great reasonably priced project.
We are still having fun with these. There will be more to come.


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10 Comments to Mermaid Fleece Snuggler Update
    • Manisha
    • Well, OK, fine, I suppose I HAVE to make one now especially since the little one is crazed about mermaids. Also, I think this might be the thing to get my sewing machine out of its original box. I got one last mother’s day and have yet to pull it out of the box, let alone use it. It is intimidating! But this mermaid snuggler project might be just the thing to get me going. Thanks, Susi!

      • Susi
      • Oh Manisha! You can DO it. ! (I agree though, pulling a new piece of equipment out is intimidating. Making a bobbin and threading the machine correctly will be a learning curve. After that, sewing a tail will be a snap!
        (beware of the $25/yard fleece)

      • Kat
      • Manisha, If you need help using your machine give me a yell. I’ve been sewing for along time & would be happy to help.

          • Susi
          • Yes! That is what I mean! There is some fleece at $6.00 yd. and others at $25/yd. So just check carefully before you get to the counter. (I mean, if that is important to you. : ) )

        • Susi
        • Fleece is awesome! And very forgiving. Except… It is super hard to seam rip. So “we” try to be VERY CAREFUL. Wink.

    • Deborah
    • Thanks so much for the pics, I have been trying to make my own pattern and yours are so great and the girls are too!!! Can’t wait to get one done.

    • Deborah
    • should have said one for my Great Nieces! They will love them—I’m going to insert a sparkly scaly looking fabric for the fin, will just cut off above the fins and sew sparkly fin to the body or it could even be appliqued in the shape of the fins — just will add some sparkle

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