Project: Zipped Gift Card Pouch

Here is a super quick pouch that is for a gift card. I made this for a friend that I wanted to sit and have coffee with, but she lives halfway across the country. So, I sent the coffee card in a little extra special zip pouch for love. The pouch can be a coin purse later or it can be re-gifted with another card. So, here is how to make one for your card gifts.

Zipped Gift Card Pouch


  • 4″ zipper
  • two 6″x 6″ pieces of fabric
  • thread
  • sewing machine
  • scissors

Assume 1/2 inch seam allowances for this project.

Here are my supplies all laid out. (If you have any stash whatsoever, here is a great project to dive right in there.)
I used Anna Maria Horner fabric A Small Gathering. The line came out in 2009, but I found some of it on-line if you search hard enough. I think this is such a great pattern that I am happy to almost make up occasions for it. The backing here is a lime green corduroy. Delish.

First pick your fabric for the front. Put the zipper into the fabric. I took a six inch square, and split it up. For the finished bag, you want the zipper to be about 1″ from the top. This translates to about 1/3 of the way down the fabric. If the zipper gets farther from the top, it will be hard to get it around the card. If it gets too close to the top, you will have lots of zipper fabric in your top seam.

This is a great project to learn how to do a zipper. Part of the charm is that the zipper shows, so no invisible zipper here.
Here is my front, with the zipper in it. (You can see there is a lot of extra fabric that will be trimmed.)
When this piece is done, turn it over, and with right sides together, sew the pouch. The finished piece should be 3.25 x 4.5 inches.
It needs to be a bit bigger than a gift card, because the zipper is not at the top, so that flap needs room to fold down over for the card to fit in.
Clip the corners. Turn the rectangle inside out, get the corners nice a sharp, and press for a beautiful finish.

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