Project: Wool Felt Ball Necklace

I fell madly in love with this package of wool balls.
Who wouldn’t? Aren’t they delicious?
I started sorting them into color families and thinking about stuff to do with them.
First up, a necklace!

Wool Felt Ball Necklace


  • wool felt balls
  • leather cord
  • needle
  • thread
  • closure (optional)

I used these leather cords.

Figure out a good color combination that you will like. Take the needle and thread and carefully sew the balls into place. I wanted mine to hang at an angle, so I sewed them to stay at that angle. If you work at it, you can sew them so that the thread does not show at all.
Next, decide where you want the cord to run, and made small loops of thread to hold it in place.
I chose a closure to finish the ends. (The leather holds a decorative knot very well, so you could choose that route instead.)
And there you have it.
It is big, and makes a statement. I think it is a great accessory to jazz up a plain t-shirt.
Have fun. Happy Crafting.

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