Advent Calendar Project ’14 – Week 21

(For the 24 weeks leading up to December 1st, we’ll be making a Christmas ornament, giving you enough to fill an advent calendar.)

This week’s ornament is another one that was inspired by something I saw in a high-end boutique. My husband took one look at group of Santa decorations dressed in big sweaters and said, “You could make those.” So, I did.
Advent Calender Project '14 - Week 21
I made this Santa really easy by using an old sweater. It was a lot quicker than knitting it up for sure! This ornament is on the larger side, about 5 1/2 inches tall, so he is good on a big tree or even sitting on a shelf. I find something very endearing about his big top with bell sleeves and little legs.

Recycled Sweater Santa Ornament


  • old sweater (one with a cable is nice)
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine or hand sewing needle (I used a machine, but you can easily sew this by hand as well)
  • thread to match sweater
  • styrofoam ball (I used a 2″)
  • foam glue
  • wooden ball with flat end (about 1″)
  • glue such as tacky glue
  • black paint or a sharpie
  • small paint brush or toothpick of using paint
  • white roving (or yarn or cotton ball)
  • needle felting needle (optional)
  • jump ring

1. Using the front or back of the sweater, fold it in half length-wise so that the right sides are together. The fold will go over the top of the styrofoam ball, it will be the top of Santa’s body. Decided what you want to be in the center of Santa’s top if your sweater is cabled. Then pin off a section just wide enough fit around the styrofoam ball with chosen area in the center. This pin line will be your sewing line. You want it to be about 3″ longer than the ball. Sew up it until about 1/2″ before the fold. Then, sew diagonally from the 1/2″ mark to each side to make the arms about 2″ long.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21 Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21
Trim leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around your sewing lines. Sew the sleeves shut. Turn right side out. Put some foam glue on the top of the styrofoam ball and insert it into the sweater you have just made.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21
Turn the bottom of the sweater up, so that is creates a finished edge on the bottom and covers the bottom of the styrofoam ball. Glue into place.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21

2. Sew a cone from a piece of the sweater that fits around the wooden ball to make a hat. I used a piece of the ribbing from the sweater so it would have a finished edge.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21
Glue on to the wooden ball. Paint on two eyes just under the hat. Glue on to the body and let dry.

3. Shape a piece of roving into a beard that goes all the way around Santa’s neck. Glue into place. I also needle felted it a little to give it some more shape and adhere it nicely to his chest.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21 Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21

4. Hand sew arms to the side of the body with a few small stitches.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21 Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21

5. Cut two strips of sweater about 1 1/2″ wide and 3 1/2″ long. Fold in half the to make a 3/4″ by 3 1/2″ tube with right sides together. Sew up the long side with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Sew one short end shut. Turn right side out. Hand sew the unsewn end into the inside of Santa’s sweater.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21

6. You can leave the hat straight up or bend it over like I did by sewing it in place with a few hand stitches.
Advent Calendar Project '14 - Week 21

7. Insert a jump ring into the top of the hat for hanging.

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