PPR Challenge #12 – Kat’s Design

This week we had to create a look that was street chic, something that could be worn everyday that is still fashionable. I live in Minnesota and it is fall, so street chic to me is something that is warm and still looks good.
Project Project Runway Challenge #12 - Kat's Design
So, I went with a look fall/early winter look with a little bit of a rocker edge. I started with a slim, textured leather pant, then topped that off with a knit tunic with a scarf sewn right in the neckline. The scarf can be folded in half width-wise and just hung down the back, wrapped once or, for really cold days, wrapped twice. Over the tunic I added an over-the-top furry, cap-sleeve vest. I played with the lengths at bit and made it shorter than the tunic. From the accessory wall, I added some heavier boots, a silvery grey bag and some big sunglasses. I think the whole thing comes off as very casually chic. This is a girl who knows how to laugh at cold weather and still look good.

Oh, the judges…I’m afraid they would feel this comes a little too close to what I’ve shown a few other times this season (especially last week’s look). Still it is a pretty put together look and really meets the challenge. Is it high fashion? No, but this is supposed to be something that could be worn everyday. I think Heidi would love the playfulness of the vest and Zac would find the pieces well made. Nina might complain that she has seen it. Still I would stand up for this look and think I’ve made it to Fashion Week.

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    • DrRuss
    • I agree. Going to the well one to many times but it is a well put together look. Those embossed leather pants will advance you to the next round for sure. Well done and congratulations on advancing to Fashion Week.

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