Project: Button Tacks

Given that I have some new cork boards in my life, I needed some thumb tacks!

I made some with vintage buttons and I want to share them with you.

Button Tacks


  • thumb tacks
  • buttons (hopefully vintage, but new will work too)
  • hot glue

This project is fairly straight forward, but I will share some tricks with you. I used hot glue. I have to say, my glue gun is from the Jurassic era, long before “low temp” guns were invented and this thing puts out little squirts of liquid lava. They almost glow they are so hot. It is not something to be trifled with.
Open the package of thumb tacks, separate them and line them up. Sort through your buttons and pick out ones that are going to be big enough to fully cover the silver surface. I experimented between putting the glue on the button, and putting it on the tack, and I had better luck with the button. Turn your buttons upside down on a flat surface, and let go. Squirt a tiny drop of glue out, working quickly, turn a tack over onto the hot glue and press down.
That is my little make shift work area.
And here they are cooling.

Once they have cooled down, then you can clean them up a little bit by taking the little “strings” of glue off.

I will tell you that shank buttons do not work. Even ones with a small shank.

Here they are, happily pinned to the board. They are cheerful, and not as utilitarian as the silver originals. Have fun. Happy pinning. (The old fashion way!)

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