PPR Challenge #9 – Kat’s Design

For this challenge the designers were given an American Girl doll and told to design a modern look for a girl ages 7 – 12 based on the doll’s story. The look should be something American Girl would sell in their stores. For PPR, we were given the option of skipping this challenge because of the lack of young girl models. I had an idea for a design, so decided just to make it on my regular model. Keep in mind it is meant for a much younger girl.

The doll I chose was Caroline Abbott whose family runs a shipyard in New York in the early 1800’s. Her dream is to one day captain her own ship. This is the same doll Sandhya was given on the show. Now Sandhya decided to make a pink ruffled onsie with a few nautical buttons and it got her sent home. I decided to take the nautical idea in another direction.
Project Project Runway Challenge #
My girl wears a pleated skirt in a crisp blue and white striped fabric. The skirt is topped with a white, sleeveless boatneck shirt and an open jacket in blue and white stripe. The skirt and jacket are cotton, the shirt is a heavy cotton with a little stretch to it. It has the crisp nautical look that is so in right now. I was afraid it was going to look a little too costume when I started, but in the end not at all. Plus if a fringe vest isn’t costume, this isn’t either.

I’m really proud my construction of this look. The pleats on the skirt fold in opposite directions on both sides meeting in the middle. I played with the stripes in the jacket so that they are horizontal in the front, diagonal on the sleeves and vertical on the back. I think this gives the jacket a modern look and a touch of fun.
Project Project Runway Challenge #
I didn’t chose any accessories from the Aldo wall because I didn’t feel any were really appropriate. I would have my girl wear a pair of white Keds, maryjanes or ballet flats.

I think I would do really well this week with the judges. The look is very put together. It looks fresh and young, but not babyish. I think Zac would totally notice the construction and I can see some of the other judges loving the jacket The woman from American Girl would think it was something they could easily sell. I would certainly hope to be in the top three.

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