PPR Challenge #8 – Kat’s Design

This week we had the avant garde challenge, but it had a twist to it, our look also had to be able to stand up to being in the rain. I knew I didn’t want to make just a crazy raincoat, but I wasn’t sure where to go with it. Then an inspiration hit me, the movie Blade Runner with it’s constant rainy set, the futuristic story and retro-inspired costuming.
PPR Challenge #8 - Kat's Design
Now, my finished design does not look like it came from the movie or anything, but something about it makes me think of it. Maybe it is the pencil skirt or the head piece. And here it is in the rain.
PPR Challenge #8 - Kat's Design
I went a little out there with my materials and used an easily bendable metal as well as a red vinyl. My idea was to have the shape of the skirt, and head piece, so they would direct the water in a particular direction.
PPR Challenge #8 - Kat's Design
It didn’t work exactly as I hoped, but my rainway was also a little weak. This design has a lot going on and really didn’t need much accessorizing.
PPR Challenge #8 - Kat's Design
I think the judges would find my look interesting and avant garde for sure (hopefully they don’t think it looks too much like a ufo).  Of course, it is also completely impractical to have somewhere wearing metal like this anywhere but the runway. Still it has a style and creates an impact with the sweeping shape and hopeful I am safe.

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