PPR Challenge #6 – Kat’s Design

This week we were challenged to create an alternative wedding dress and a reception dress for the same bride. We were warned to keep it realistic and not to design a costume. I thought this was a pretty fun challenge with a chance to create a beautiful dress. I wasn’t sure which way I was going to go at first, perhaps something based on the beautiful 20’s dresses in Downton Abbey or a mod early ’60’s look. Then I realized I was coming up with things that might be perceived more as costumes! Back to the drawing board.

What I ended up with was a look for a very elegant bride. She is not the woman who dreamed of wearing a big white ball gown covered in ruffles and lace. She does not want to be a princess on her wedding day. Not that she doesn’t want to stand out, she wants to shine, but in a way that is more Tiffany’s than Disney. She maybe a slightly older bride, someone who has worked her way to the top of her career. Her wedding would be an evening affair lit by candles followed by cocktails and a sit down dinner.
PPR Challenge #6 - Kat's Design
The wedding dress is a body conscious sheath than ends in a puddle of fabric at the bottom. It is made from a silk dupioni which has a lovely texture. The dress shines with a large collar of glittering stones at the neckline and then more stones fall down the skirt to accent the excess fabric at the bottom.
PPR Challenge #6 - Kat's Design Because of the bling on the dress, accessories don’t need to be over the top, just some silver pumps and earrings with matching stones.
PPR Challenge #6 - Kat's DesignThe reception dress is more of a cocktail dress than a party dress. (No one will be doing the chicken dance at this wedding.) It continues the theme of understated elegance with some shine. The skirt of the dress and one side of the faux-wrap top are made from the same silk, while the other half of the wrap has silver woven through it. It is actually a dress my bride could wear again for a dressy night out. Accessories are a little grander this time with a large necklace and dangle earring plus some strappy heels that also have a little shine.
PPR Challenge #6 - Kat's DesignSo, the judges…I would hope they would be impressed by all the work it took to place all those stones by hand on my wedding dress. The fit of the dress is beautiful and it really is a showstopper with all the shine. I think it would totally be in the top for the wedding dresses we saw on the runway. With the reception dress, I’m afraid I may have kept it a little too simple, even though that was my whole vibe. At the very least, Heidi would like the low neckline. It is well made though (come on a finished hem keeps you safe this week) and does look like the same bride. All and all, I’m proud of my work this week.

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