PPR Challenge #4 – Kat’s Design

Well, this was a fun challenge. Each of the designers was given a classic (that doesn’t mean good) men’s suit and told to use it as inspiration and the fabric for a high fashion look. In order to make it a little more to our scale, all the Project Project Runway designers were given a Ken doll suit. The designers were also told they could use other fabric, but the fabric of the suit coat and pants had to be prominent in the design. Here was my suit, nothing like classic, shiny pink plaid!
My "classic" suit
And here is what I turned it into, bad suit to red carpet fabulousness.
PPR Challenge #4 - Kat's Design
I challenged myself to do my whole look without using any additional fabric and was able to do it. Originally, I wanted to use the jacket to make the whole skirt, but a short, plaid skirt was just looking a little too junior. Instead I used the pants to make a long sleek skirt, with a thigh high slit and added just a touch of the pink as an edging. I used the stiffness of the jacket fabric to give shape to the on shoulder top. The shoulder almost floats over her giving a really cool shape to it. I even used the button on the jacket as an accent on the skirt.
PPR Challenge #4 - Kat's Design
So, what would the judges think? Well, I’m pretty proud of my construction on this look and I think they would notice that, especially Zac who gets all into the pieces. Heidi would love that thigh high slit. Nina would probably think it wasn’t new and exciting enough, but not bad. Perhaps I didn’t alter the fabric enough, but I do see the inspiration from the suit and think it is something women would want to wear.
PPR Challenge #4 - Kat's Design
All and all, I think I’d be safe. In the end, I think it’s a lot more high fashion then that fringed piece of trashy stage wear that won. Ohhh, I’d be catty in the green room.

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