PPR Challenge #3 “Future Look”

If I had to guess, I would believe there will be more performance fabric, and more “performance” clothing in 20 years. The “device” (clock/phone/walkie/player/music library) will be imbedded in your sleeve, and the fitbit will be at the back of your neck. Yoga pants are main stream now. And I think there is more wisdom than “joke” in that. Along those same lines, the high tech shirts that only very wealthy people wore on their safari are now available at all sporting goods stores. We’ve moved away from the all-kahki-zip-off-sleeves fabric and moved into cute prints and bright colors. These same shirts can still be washed in a shot glass of water and hung to dry in 90 seconds. Long and short, I believe that we will see more high wear, high performance fabrics in everyday and even office appropriate clothing.

And with that, I offer my 20 years in the future look:

I feel like white is modern and gold is fun. I did a tunic length, almost a nod to the Star Trek uniforms. I used fabric that is going to be available in 20 years. You can just shout at it, and scare the stink out. So it will be drought tolerant, spf 96, good from 120 – 25 below. It is separates, because, in the future, we will still have to pee. And this look can go from the space ship to the night club.
The look is thought out, and (I say) well finished. The back looks good, and the details are looked after. I think I’m pretty solid. Even when the models go down for a closer look, and Zach Posen crawls up into the outfit with the model, he complimented my construction.
We all know that shoes will remain impractical for the next 150 years, so I paired it with stiletto boots. Of course.
No accessories, because the gold offers enough. And the sleeves/cowl top/hood/sun protection is enough.
Off the to future I go.

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